What is Nia?

Nia is a movement art – an eloquent combination of 52 moves drawn from dance arts, martial arts and healing arts. Within one class we combine flexibility, agility, mobility, strength and stability (FAMMS) in order to improve overall fitness. By incorporating FAMMS within the movements Nia is an integrated way to condition the entire body. People who regularly practice Nia open to a new awareness of their bodies, their internal energies, and their feelings – all of which helps them move more efficiently, effectively, and safely in their workouts and in life.

Nia is typically done barefoot, leading to stronger, more flexible ankles and feet. By not relying on the support of a shoe, you can develop body-centered awareness skills that will teach you your body’s natural way of movement. Learning your body’s way supports you in living a happier, healthier, more injury free and fulfilled life.

Thoughts on Nia from one of our teacher trainers, Winalee, and students:

How does it work?

Nia’s approach is framed by its philosophy, The Body’s Way, which is the method of moving the body in alignment with its natural design and function. It addresses the four realms – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – as equal and interconnected parts of the body. Students speak of internal strength, control and power – mental and physical. They speak of agility, grace and increased range of motion. They tend to be relaxed, even when working strenuously. And, they speak of feeling grounded and balanced – emotionally and physically.

Best of all, it’s a lot of fun!

If you are a new student:

  • Please print out and fill in the Health Waiver + Image Release form and bring it with you to your first class.
  • Check out our Tips for Nia Newbies to enhance your experience.
  • Plan to arrive 15 minutes early for your first class so we can do a quick overview of Nia and answer any questions you may have.

I look forward to dancing with you!

For locations and schedule:

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