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Cheri Fredrickson Business CoachHello, I’m Cheri Fredrickson, Executive Coach and Professional Trainer based in Tualatin, Oregon.

Those who seek my services have an insatiable appetite for living a successful life – on their terms. When things aren’t happening as they would like, they know they can adopt a healthier and wealthier strategy for change.

That’s when they find me. For over 20 years, I’ve chosen to work with business leaders who refuse to compromise their honesty, respect or integrity. They insist on living a life that has meaning for them and having CHOICE in both in their personal and business lives.

They don’t see this as a luxury or even a miracle. It’s their right to live a purposeful and a fruitful existence.

As the youngest in my family and also the only girl, I defended my “personal choice” ferociously. Coming from a traditional family, it would have been easier, in many ways, to fall into a role defined by previous generations. But, that was not my path. Speaking up and competing with confidence were a natural part of defining my life on my terms, and I was up for the challenge.

Had I never honed these skills, I might have believed my life was not my own… Choice was something I wasn’t blessed enough to receive… My voice didn’t matter.

Instead, I sensed my power to speak, create and go after what I want. When something felt off, the mission of “how to correct it” would then engage me. Being a victim was rarely an option.

This certainly played a part in the launch of my coaching practice in 2000. After many years in sales, training, and coaching, I knew there was more to success than 5 step formulas and quick-fix processes. I made it my goal to find the most effective tools to give my clients (and myself) access to real and lasting transformation that led to a more fulfilling life.

To that end, I have studied a wide variety of practices. My work draws from many different schools of thought: Undergraduate work in Communication, Masters studies in Organizational Leadership, Eastern Philosophy, Coach Training, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), PSYCH-K®, Get Clients Now!™, MBTI®, and more.

Over the years, I’ve become trained in some revolutionary systems designed to take us from good to great:

  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master
  • MBTI® Certified Practitioner
  • PSYCH-K®  Facilitator – Preferred Affiliate
  • PER-K® Catalyst
  • Nia Green Belt Teacher

My clients come from all industries, yet they have one thing in common: They can’t stand the thought of being stuck or mediocre. Because of this, I stay up-to-date about what we can do to tap into our full potential, in order to trigger immediate, powerful, and lasting shifts that lead to great results.

One of my biggest professional influences has been my family’s five-generation ranching business. Together, we’ve weathered tremendous changes over the years. Working with my large (and very stubborn) extended family frequently has not been easy. So, we have sometimes chosen to work with outside experts to help us move forward more quickly and effectively.

As a client on the “other side of the desk” working with outside consultants on the family business,  I have been reminded why an outside perspective is sometimes vital to creating a true sense of happiness, health, abundance and belonging. There’s such liberation in facing the humble truth that things need to change, and we’re just not sure how to approach it.

  • Are you ready to acknowledge and go after what you really want?
  • Are you willing to actively engage your power of choice?
  • Are you excited about the prospect of working with someone who can help you make it happen?

If you answered “YES!” to any of the questions above, I’d love to talk with you about what we can do together to help you start living the life you’ve imagined.

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What Client’s Say

I am very pleased with the results I have achieved as a direct result of working with Cheri as a coach – both in my business and personal life. She has helped me focus on what is important and to create plans to reach these goals. When I get stuck on something or in a rut, Cheri is great at asking the right questions to help me see the way to get past it. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Mike Wegener, Project Manager (Contract) - Intel
Cheri is an excellent trainer, mentor and facilitator. She facilitated large group panel discussions on a variety of leadership topics as well as led classroom training sessions. She was always extremely professional, on point and knew how to connect with a variety of different people. She was both a mentor and a role model for me as I assisted with the implementation of a leadership development program in our department. She provided invaluable advice as I grew my own mentoring skills. She was supportive while at the same time holding me accountable for my growth. She truly is a mentor who knows how to help people grow themselves!
DeeAnn Thomson, Senior Finance Manager - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL)
I have noticed my thoughts, processes and self-evaluations change through the course of our work together.  I learned a lot from your questions, suggestions and affirmations.  You provided some communication skills and some specific language that continues to help me gain perspective and support where I need it. I think your communication style is one of the factors that helped me create space for growth and accountability.  The gift of gentle accountability kept me on task, but also didn’t create added pain or stress when I didn’t meet all of my goals in the times that I set for myself.  Ultimately, I felt I accomplished a lot and the effects were felt in my business and my self.
David Todd, Broker - 7 Corners Realty & Development / Director - JRA Green Building
Cheri was instrumental in helping me successfully launch my coaching business, as well as supporting me as I made the difficult transition into being a caregiver for my elderly father. Cheri’s coaching style is a great combination of compassion, pragmatism, and spirituality.
Sue Brundege, Senior Facilitator, Coach & Consultant - Integrated Work Strategies
Cheri was a pleasure to work with. She is an excellent trainer and was integral in the implementation of a new leadership program here at SEL. I was able to see Cheri in action, training new employees as part of our new employee orientation process, and I felt that I learned something new every time I saw the presentation. Her passion and pride for educating and training is evident in everything I’ve seen her do.
Jason VanGeelkerken, Library Assistant - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL)
Cheri was instrumental in coaching me through a career change and a difficult time in my life. Cheri is a savvy, smart business woman with a wonderfully compassionate heart. She is accepting and non-judgmental, yet she is strong in holding her clients fully accountable for their intentions. She is resourceful, creative, dynamic, and embraces personal growth.
Tim Alexander, Instructor - Portland Community College & Life/Business Coach - Tim Alexander Coaching
I really enjoy Cheri’s teaching style. I’ve taken leadership classes led by Cheri, and she asks thought-provoking questions and mixes in her own experiences with the learning materials, and she always seemed very well prepared. Regarding her coaching, Cheri’s presence is great. As a fellow coach, I really appreciated Cheri’s ability to focus in on what I needed and help me to get to resolution by asking tough questions in a very respectful manner. And on top of all that, Cheri is a hard worker and a fun person to work with!
Eric Torok, Senior Business Analyst - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) & Business/Life Coach - Let's Coach
I met Cheryl when I was thinking about tackling the next level of my career. She helped me to clarify what I really wanted in my personal and business life and coached me without giving up when I was taking a detour in the middle. She is the very first professional coach that I have had and she helped me to build the foundation towards my accomplishment today.
Alice Tang, VP - Business Planning Group
Cheri is a highly skilled and experienced trainer, with an engaging style and the ability to deftly communicate organizational principles. Cheri can manage and instruct a broad cross section of experience levels, adjusting her style to meet the individual needs while keeping the entire group engaged. I can recommend her with confidence.
Robert Brereton, Market Manager, Mining and Paper - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL)
Prior to working with Cheri as my personal success coach, I had difficulty focusing my energy on achieving professional and personal goals.  With Cheri’s supportive guidance and optimistic approach, I have overcome many of the fears that had hindered my professional and personal achievements. Thanks to Cheri, I now have a solid foundation which I can build upon, as well as a greater assortment of ‘life tools’ to use in shaping my future.”
Michael (Wally) Walsh, Owner/Massage Therapist - Art of Massage Bodywork Studio
Cheri’s experience and professionalism make her a very effective trainer. Her delivery is calm and supportive and her ability to engage the audience optimizes the learning experience.
Chris Clippinger, PE, Region Manager - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL)
Cheri helped me gain the confidence I needed to prepare my business exit strategy.  Within 6 months of coaching I’d accomplished everything I needed to get my business on track.  Cheri showed me how to work less and accomplish more.  My goals included making quality time for myself which resulted in higher productivity because I was more focused.  Our work together was fun.  I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their business.
Renee Spears, Owner - Rose City Mortgage
Cheri brings clarity, creativity and perspective to her coaching sessions. Together we were successful finding business generating activities that resonated with my values and personality AND activities that support my personal and family life. She means it when she says she helps business owners make more money and have more fun.
Lorie Clements, Mortgage Broker turned full-time Mom
Cheri is excellent as a trainer and a meeting facilitator. She always did an excellent job while teaching several courses on leadership and mentoring at SEL. Cheri also arranged large (>50 people) leadership discussion groups, in which I had participated. I saw first hand how well Cheri had prepared for and facilitated these sessions. She was clearly an important contributor to the success of our leadership training program.
Greg Morris, National Sales and Service Director - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL)
Cheri has great insight and is extremely skilled at guiding one through issues that need to be addressed. She has the highest level of integrity and to top it all off she is an absolutely delightful person!
David Taylor, Owner - David Taylor, CPA
Cheri is an excellent trainer and coach. She communicates well and takes a genuine interest in the lives and careers of the people she supports. Cheri is a great teacher and is skilled leading groups of various sizes.
Eli Nelson, Director of Marketing - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL)
Cheri was a mentor to me learning how to be a mentor. It would be fair to say that she taught me almost everything I know about being a coach and mentor. I recommend her skills most highly.
Jeremy Nickels, Finance Manager - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL)
I appreciate the way you point out a possible avenue to a solution and allow me to work through the options. While I am talking through the options you gently prod me to a plan of action with your observations. I think what makes it all work is that you make sure that I have ownership of my plan of action. I am very pleased with the progress we have made and look forward to what may be accomplished in the future.
Bill Brooks, Director - Professional Networking Association
Cheri is an excellent trainer and has many positive qualities. She knows her content and audience and her presentation is professional. Cheri is very skilled as a mentor/coach. She is very personable and and great communicator.
Gina Gage, Business Manager - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL)
Cheri is not only an effective mentor, but also a gifted trainer in helping others become effective mentors as well. She demonstrates commitment and capability to support employee’s growth and development and integration into the established company culture. She demonstrates the subject knowledge necessary to effectively articulate and teach. Cheri demonstrates honesty and integrity via effective communication skills both verbally and non-verbally. She constantly helps develop skills of fellow employees through guidance, feedback, and occasionally, an insistence on appropriate actions or performance. I witnessed her ability to support diverse individuals who did not share her skills or background but that were guided toward common goals.
David Dolezilek, Technology Director - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL)
Cheri’s coaching style isn’t just about getting the job done, though that’s my goal and it is happening. The subtle things she suggests, points out, and encourages help me make the internal changes that will stay with me for a lifetime.
Valerie Lyon, Aston-Patterning/Massage/Movement Therapist and doTerra Consultant - Circle Health Care
Cheri is an excellent trainer and coach as she connects well with her audience and seeks to understands their needs. She created a couple training programs from scratch that were well received at SEL. I enjoyed working with Cheri very much.
Shawnda Hoops, Project Administrator - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL)
I have had the great opportunity to work with Cheri, more as a student than as a colleague. She very effectively participated in a series of leadership training courses I recently attended. She helped prepare and professionally deliver the course material. Cheri is an excellent trainer.
John Campbell, Lead Product Manger, R&D Power Systems - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL)
I cannot express enough how happy I was with any opportunity to work with Cheri. Her attention to detail, work ethic, and collaborative nature are unparalleled. Over the course of our professional relationship I had numerous opportunities to assist Cheri with projects and deliverables and each experience was better than the last. She provided good direction, innovative thinking, and excellent task prioritization. She is truly a joy to work with.
Shaun Stover, Senior e-Learning Designer - Concur Technologies
Cheri is wonderful to work with. She is detailed and focused. I viewed her as a strong peer who was willing to assist others as well as take the initiative. She listened with understanding and asked questions that led to insights for growth and next steps for change and implementation. As a trainer and coach there was benefit to our organization, as individuals clarified goals and developed their skills.
Paul Garfield, Trainer - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL)
I have worked with Cheri through Toastmasters, and found her to be a cheerful, helpful speaker and organizer. She is always ready to lend a hand and share her experiences.
Glen Hanket, Software Consultant - Quoin, Inc.
Cheri is an excellent trainer and coach. She really understands what it takes to motivate and coach employees.
Normann Fischer, Fellow Engineer - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL)